The Artificer Of Dupho

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HigomuHe can out-think the shrewdest generals. He can break out of any prison. He can beat up soldiers twice his size. He’s Higomu, the greatest secret agent in the world.

Shiko is his rookie partner, and she may be in over her head. Their mission is to abduct the artificer of Dupho and keep dangerous artifacts out of evil hands. But what if the artificer is an innocent man? Will Shiko do her duty, or will she do what’s right?

The Artificer of Dupho is a secret-agent, sandals-and-sorcery adventure novel. You will meet powerful legislators, disciplined soldiers, and ruthless pirates. If you like martial artists and dark secrets, this stand-alone adventure is a great way for you to enter the fantastical world of Edgewhen.

The Artificer of Dupho
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The Artificer of Dupho
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Illustrations by Kristina Gehrmann.