The Dragonslayer of Edgewhen

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Kethwin wants her boyfriend to get rich, show some ambition, marry her, and slay the dragon that threatens to devour their village.

Danwel really likes plowing.

But that dragon could be troublesome, so Danwel is off to seek …

Zhen Dragonslayer
… the world’s only dragonslayer.

Will Danwel learn any dragonslaying tactics in time to save his village?

Summerwind Dawnracer
… or will he be distracted by an adventurous stranger?

The Dragonslayer of Edgewhen is the first Edgewhen® fantasy adventure novel. Here you will meet earnest farmers, folk-singing nomads, …

… and amphibious boatmen.

And there might even be a dragon. Or two.

The Dragonslayer of Edgewhen
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The Dragonslayer of Edgewhen
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Character illustrations © 2014 by Vláďa Satran.