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Demons’ Place in the Cosmos

Demonologists believe the demons are in a symmetric relationship with the deities:

  • There are 9 demons organized into 3 triads.
  • Each demon has his or her own hell.
  • The world lies between the 9 heavens and the 9 hells.


As indicated in the theology articles, each deity is believed to be vulnerable to a specific demon. And yet, each demon is vulnerable to a specific deity. The relationship has a cyclical symmetry.

Demons’ Influence on the World

At the time of The Artificer of Dupho, demons are perceived as having no influence on the world. No one openly serves demons and they seem to be walled off from mortal concerns.

This is, of course, a misconception. Some people do worship demons, albeit secretly. The demons can affect the world through their people to the same extent that the deities can.

So demons do have influence, but their influence is only in proportion to the influence of their followers.

Demons’ Place in the Worldview

All nine peoples were told that their purpose was to defend the world from a demonic invasion. But after many generations, the dedication to this purpose has dimmed somewhat. The average person does not believe demonic incursion is imminent. Every generation believes that the invasion will happen far in the future.

However, most cultures still believe the invasion will occur. And most cultures have pious individuals who are committed to maintaining the traditions that will be necessary to prepare the demon-fighting generation for their task.