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Spirits: General

Edgewhen has several types of spirits:

The Primordials

Also known as the 9 great nature spirits, the primordials were the 9 neutral beings created between Good and Evil. In the war between the deities and the demons, the primordials did not take sides. Instead, they chose to separate the two sides by creating the world between them.

When they did so, they ceased to be 9 separate entities, becoming instead the Laws of Nature.

Nature Spirits

In creating the world, the primordials created plants from Life and animals from Life and Emotion. But they needed something with Thought, as well.

Nature spirits are beings of elemental Thought and Emotion. Sometimes one or the other predominates. A nature spirit is usually tied to a specific place and the power of the spirit corresponds to the size of the place.

Nature spirits persist a long time, but they can be destroyed or displaced.


When people die, their souls sometimes remain in the world. A ghost is a bodiless soul that has not yet found its place.

It is difficult for souls to exist without a place to be, so a ghost might attach itself to an object. If a ghost attaches itself to a place, it becomes a nature spirit.