Seawind was a Child of Knowledge who came to Dupho around the year 539. (This would be Old Dupho, which is little more than a village when Shiko and Higomu arrive at Dupho in 1311 in The Artificer of Dupho.)

Early Life

Seawind proved to be a gifted healer in her early days at the Academy. Not only did she out-do her peers, she out-did the faculty.

Perhaps her skill made her arrogant, or perhaps her skill made the faculty jealous. (Most likely both.) For whatever reason, she left the Academy before her training was done and went to live with the Children of Beauty in 539.

Seawind in Dupho

In Dupho, Seawind quickly achieved great renown. Children of Knowledge were rarely seen in the city at that time, so she was something of a novelty, but mostly people were desperate for her skills. The ability to manipulate Life magic was largely unknown among the Children of Beauty.

Her skills seemed miraculous. She soon had a large following consisting of people she had cured or their relatives. By the time she died in 608, her following had taken on religious attitudes toward her.

Seawind the Teacher

But her desire for self-aggrandizement diminished during her time in Dupho. In 570, she finally admitted the harm of her extreme vanity, and she began an earnest attempt to convert her personal mansion into a teaching hospital. She became more willing to share her knowledge, and she began accepting students even though their talent was always far below her own.

Cult of Seawind

After Seawind’s death, the Children of Beauty continued to pass on her teachings. She had a cult following that would meet to worship her as a demi-goddess of healing and bodily perfection. This cult would go on to become the Church of Three Sisters.