Two stories explain why Lashrefi’s people are striped:

The Clanfolk Story

When the deities were making their people, everyone chose a different color. Mamosi’s people were orange, Kashram’s people were red, Woshi’s people were silver, and so on.

Yolim was almost the last to choose a color. Because he wanted his people to fit in wherever they went, he gave them the ability to change color to match the people they traded with.

When Lashrefi discovered this, she laughed and made her people striped.

And to this day, Yolim’s merchants turn orange when they visit the Orangefolk, red when they visit the Redfolk, and silver when they visit the Silverfolk. But when they visit the Stripedfolk, their skin can never decide which color it should be.

The Story Told by the Children of Beauty

When Beauty was making her people, she spent much time considering their color. She knew they would have the ability to express their emotions with a glowing aura and she wanted to choose a color that would show of this aura the best.

Any of the six colors would mute a matching aura. Worse, it would clash with other auras. She considered the browns of the Children of Knowledge and Labor, but they seemed to have hidden colors of their own, and they looked bad with purple and green.

So Beauty was left with black or white. But still she couldn’t decide, for each color had its merits.
And then she had a great insight: some of her people could be black, and others could be white. She did not have to choose one. She could have both!

She was so pleased with her creative solution that she shared it with the other deities, assuming they would praise her for her cleverness. But the Goddess of Luck only laughed and said, “So you still have not decided.”

“That is unfair,” Beauty said to Luck. “You should not mock me when you have not yet decided on a color for your own people.”

“I have now,” Luck replied. And she made her people with stripes of black and white.

To this day, the skin of every Child of Luck mocks the Children of Beauty.