Everything in the world is made of elements in some combination. Each element is close to its own particular Elemental Realm. In this sense, the world is a place where the nine Elemental Realms commingle.
The nine elements are:


Earth: Earth is the predominant element in all solids.

Water: Water is the predominant element in all liquids.

Air: Air is the predominant element in all gasses.

Most objects have a mix of elements. For example, rocks are lighter than metals because they contain Air. The amount of Water in ice becomes apparent when Heat is applied to destroy the Earth. Clouds are made of Air and Water.

Any object, whether solid, liquid, or gas, may contain some measure of the energetic and spiritual elements as well.


Motion: Anything moving has Motion.

Light: Light flows into the world from the moon, the sun, and the stars. It flows quickly toward Destruction.

Heat: Heat flows into the world from the sun and from an unknown source under the earth. It flows slowly toward Destruction. Some of those who resonate with elemental Heat claim that the element is part of every object. Others claim that some objects have Heat, but some objects have Cold. Some people are able to sense Heat only in warm objects. A few claim to be sensitive only to Cold.


Thought: Thought is the element that allows people to speak and reason. It is rare in the world. Plants and animals require only a tiny bit of Thought for existence. On the other hand, some nature spirits are almost entirely made of Thought.

Life: This element is essential to all living things. In fact, it is the distinguishing factor between living things and inanimate objects. Dead living things may also retain Life for a time. It seems to flow toward Destruction at the same rate that Heat does.

Emotion: Emotion distinguishes plants from animals. Plants have very little, while animals have it in abundance. Emotion is required for any action. It is the means by which Thoughts are translated into Motion. Emotion means more than just feelings. Emotion is the dominant element of the will to act. As such, it can become part of the action itself. Some nature spirits are almost entirely made of Emotion.

A person’s soul appears to consist of Thought and Emotion. Either element may dominate. Life is essential for keeping the soul tied to a body, but after death, the soul persists. It may remain in the world as a spirit. Alternatively, it may be drawn to a heaven or to a hell.