Magic: Resonance

Edgewhen is a magical world. This is the first of several articles that explore what that means.


All magic in Edgewhen is based on elements. People can re-shape rocks, change the viscosity of liquids, alter the smells in the air. People can add heat or motion to an object and they can create light. They can manipulate the flow of life, sense a creature’s emotions, and perhaps even read others’ thoughts. And many other magical effects become possible when one considers elements in combination.

Only Elemental Magic is Possible

But certain magical effects that we know from other stories are impossible on Edgewhen.

Time is not one of the elements. No one on Edgewhen can travel to the past. No one can foresee the future.

Space is not one of the elements. This makes teleportation impossible.

Sight over long distances might be possible, but only by manipulating Light. Co-location is impossible.

These limitations apply even to the deities. They are able to see what happens in the world only because they are incredibly sensitive to resonances between the world and the Elemental Realms. In effect, they are seeing over a long distance.

But the deities cannot see through time. They do not know what the future will bring. Accurate prophecy is impossible.

Still, they are omniscient enough to make some pretty good guesses.


Magic is accomplished by resonating with the elements to be used. Most people have an affinity for one or two elements, but not everyone has the will to develop their affinity into a useful skill.


When a person resonates with the creative half of the Elemental Realms, he or she can increase the rate at which that element flows into the world. Skilled practitioners can sometimes shape this flow as it comes in.

Gold cannot be created.


Elements in the world can be manipulated by resonating with them.

Iron cannot be manipulated.


By resonating with the destructive half of the Elemental Realms, it is possible to cause an element to disappear from the world.

Silver cannot be destroyed.