Other names: Children of Justice, Zharnovites. The nomadic culture on the river Yarl is known as the Riverfolk.
Origin: Children of Justice originated in a fast-flowing stream in the jungle near the coast at the mouth of the Great Bay.
Elemental affinities: Water, Motion, Life
Size: Children of Justice are human-sized.
Skin: Blue to green.
Hair: Children of Justice have no hair and no eyebrows.
Beards: Men grow thin black beards at age 40. These beards turn white at age 60.
Language: They speak the language of Knowledge.
Divine gifts: Children of Justice can breathe under water. However, this breathing requires active effort. If they lose consciousness (or even just fall asleep) under water they can suffocate.
Common magic: Most are sensitive to water currents and they can use this sensitivity as a means to see under water. It is weaker than sonar, but better than human hearing. Most people can learn to move boats by magically inducing water currents. In some cultures, this skill is universal. In more urban areas, this tradition is practiced only by sailors. Professional healers are also fairly common among Children of Justice.

Origins and Migration

Children of Justice founded the village that would become the great port of Thom-Hizo. From there, they ranged all over the Great Bay. In time, they colonized portions of the Moonward Coast all the way to the lands of the Children of the Moon. They also colonized an extensive reach of jungle along the coast of the Sunward Sea.

Children of Justice discovered islands in the Sunward Sea. These island peoples were the first to make contact with Children of the Sun.

Children of Justice have established a culture of river nomads on the river Yarl, and this culture went on to establish two areas of permanent settlement deep inland.

Children of Justice also established colonies on islands off the Moonaway Coast.

Their reach across Edgewhen matches that of the Children of Lith. However, the two peoples have little overlap. Lith’s Children tend to be found inland or on sunaway coastlines. Justice’s children tend to be found along the Yarl and sunward coastlines.

Philosophy and Religion

Children of Justice insist they are polytheists, but to outsiders, they seem to be very focused on justice. They are intrigued by situations where right and wrong are unclear.

One might expect this people to be very focused on laws and legislation. In fact, they prefer local governments with few laws. They expect disputes to be handled by judges. Rigid adherence to law is viewed as unjust. Or perhaps it just isn’t entertaining enough.

Plural Marriage

Some other cultures on Edgewhen allow men to take multiple wives or women to take multiple husbands. But among the Children of Justice, marriages can include multiple people of either gender. It can be difficult for 3 men and 3 women to get along in the same household, but Children of Justice like the challenge.

However, even Children of Justice have limits. Most villages require that the number of adults per household be capped at 6.