The Dragonslayer of Edgewhen introduces many customs of the Flamebringer Tribe. This is the tribe of Lashrefites who live closest to the Yarl.


The tribe is broken into multiple bands. A band is named for its gethrav.

The gethrav is the band’s leader. He is always male. He decides where the band should go, where they will hunt, and how they should hunt. But a wise gethrav makes all these decisions after consulting the taishrefi.

The taishrefi is the band’s priestess. She is always female. Her job is to remind people how they should behave toward each other. The taishrefi is in direct contact with Lashrefi, goddess of luck.

Each band also has a kalaibo. A kalaibo can be male or female. Some bands have one of each. The kalaibo’s job is to the lead the singing. Flamebringers sing while they travel and at dusk in camp every night. The kalaibo chooses the songs and decides whether group singing or individual performance is called for.

All positions are for life, although kalaibos usually pass their position on long before they die. If a kalaibo dies unexpectedly, his or her successor is chosen by the gethrav and the taishrefi. A taishrefi usually designates her own successor before she dies. This successor usually comes from a different band. A gethrav does not choose his own successor. The choice is made by the taishrefi after consulting with Lashrefi.

All the Flamebringer bands gather together twice a year: in the spring, when they come out of the villages and in the fall, when they are ready to return.

Spring Gathering

All babies that have survived the winter get named during the spring gathering.

Taishrefis decide what part of the range should get burned and send people out to do so.


Bands travel the prairie during the summer. Each band has its own range. Ranges do overlap, but they are coordinated so that two bands will not be in the same place at the same time.

Autumn Gathering

People who have lived fifteen summers get to choose their own names at the autumn gathering. From then on, the tribe will call them by their autumn names.

Within the band, however, spring names or autumn names may be used. The spring name denotes affection and the autumn name denotes respect.


The Flamebringers spend winters in villages along the river Dothedarl. In the Olden Time, some people decided to stay in the villages over the summer, too. These people became farmers. Or “plow people” as Summerwind calls them.

Some bands join villages that have been inhabited all summer. Other bands have special places that the civilized Lashrefites leave unoccupied.

Generally, each Flamebringer village will have two or more bands.