Names: Children of the Sun, Orangefolk, Mamosites, Leader People
Origin: The Sun Island, sunward of the Sunward Sea
Elemental affinities: Air, Heat, Life
Size: Half again as tall as humans, they are the largest people in the world.
Skin: orange or yellow
Hair: usually very tight curls, blond to rusty red
Beards: some men can grow a thin jaw-beard
Language: from Knowledge
Divine gifts: good sense of smell
Common magic: can emit an insect-repelling scent that does not interfere with their sense of smell


The Children of the Sun were created to be the religious leaders of all the peoples. The Mother Goddess expected them to deliver orders from Heaven and coordinate the other peoples’ efforts in the war against the demons.

They came into being on the sunward coast of the Sun Island, where the world’s hottest wind current meets the jungle.

Religion and Philosophy

A deep schism split the Children of the Sun into those who believed their purpose was to serve the deities and those who believed they should serve the Sun Goddess only. The schism was not resolved until after the Time of Dragons. The compromise agreed upon was a polytheism that emphasizes service to Sun.

Children of the Sun respect authority. This manifests as respect for mothers, but also as respect for those who are in a higher caste, with the priest caste (the matyus) being the highest.


They colonized the Sun Island slowly. Because everyone else was on the mainland, the Children of the Sun remained isolated longer than any other people. They were first encountered in 942, by Children of Justice exploring the Sunward Sea.

When they finally began to expand, they established colonies on islands in the Sunward Sea, along the Lunaslip Coast, and along the Moonaway Coast.

They believe there is no land sunward of their island.