Names: Kashramites, Children of Lith. They call themselves by various tribal names that usually end in -drel: Klindrel, Mogadrel, Caladrel, Sharadrel, Urodrel, Arvethidrel, etc.
Origin: Mountains above the Baraklin Valley, sunward from Chillwater and moonward from the Klindrel Valley
Elemental affinities: Earth, Motion, Emotion
Size: they are of human size and build, although they have strength above the human average
Skin: dusky pink to liver red
Hair: usually straight, black
Beards: Males grow beards starting at puberty. Some cultures shave, some trim their beards, and some don’t.
Language: from Lashrefi, but heavily modified
Divine gifts: resistance to magic
Common magic: magical talent is never common among these people


Kashram created these men to be warriors to defend the world against the demons. When the time comes to fight, they are expected to do the fighting.


An earthquake opened a crack in a granite cliff and these men emerged. For a time, they roamed the iron-rich mountains as a single tribe.

But the tribe split and split again, and they spread themselves over the world, becoming the Urodrel, the Klindrel, the Sharadrel, the Caladrel, the Mogadrel, and so on.

A plains tribe made contact with the Lashrefites in the year 100, making them the second people to contact another.

Completely independent of the plains tribe, a group of people who would later become the Klindrel and Urodrel made overland contact with the Children of Knowledge in the year 290.

Tribes can be found in the driest deserts, on the coldest tundra, and on the coldest and warmest sea coasts. No other people inhabits so many climates.

Philosophy and Religion

The men see themselves as warriors. Attitudes toward women vary from tribe to tribe, but the status of women never comes very close to equality. Kashram’s women are stronger than other people of that size, but not as strong as Kashram’s men.

The details of the warrior’s code vary, but every tribe follows some sort of code. Life is short, and death in combat is honorable.