Names: Daughters of the Moon, Children of Moon, Silverfolk
Origin: Probably somewhere along the Moonward Coast
Elemental affinities: Water, Light, Thought
Size: Clanfolk say they are giants. Children of Justice say that Children of the Moon are small and slender.
Skin: probably silver
Hair: unknown
Beards: unknown
Language: Their language is foreign to all other peoples.
Divine gifts: The women are reported to be highly magical.
Common magic: Various magical talents have been attributed to Children of Moon. Magic may be common among them or it may be that the stories feature only extremely talented individuals.

A Mysterious People

Little is known about the Children of Moon and less is understood. They are isolationists, allowing only strictly regulated trade.

Some historical records describe a society completely ruled by women, with men expected to provide the physical labor. Traders report that men are not oppressed; they are just shy. More research is needed.