Summerwind DawnracerZhen Dragonslayer 
Other names: Lashrefites, Children of Luck
Origin: The Lashrefites originated on the plains between the rivers Dothedarl and Kailanarl.
Elemental affinities: Air, Motion, Thought
Size: Lashrefites are human size.
Skin: Their skin is milk-white with irregular black stripes.
Hair: Their hair is usually long and straight. Some people have white hair with streaks of black. Others have black hair with streaks of white.
Beards: They have no beards.
Language: They speak Lashrefi’s language … and they are quite proud of that fact.
Divine gifts: Lashrefites have extraordinarily good hearing.
Common magic: People who are especially close to each other are sometimes able to communicate telepathically. Many Lashrefites have the ability to manipulate sound, especially the sounds of their voices or of instruments they play.


Lashrefi taught them how to ride horses and hunt bison. They ranged over the plains, encountering Clanfolk in the year 55. Agreements on territorial boundaries lasted centuries.


Tribes of Lashrefites spread sunward and sunaway, ranging from the mountains to the Yarl. The first settlements along the Dothedarl were winter camps, but over time, some tribes took up farming and became sedentary. Tension between farmers and nomads has occasionally led to conflicts, but most conflicts have been with Kashramites.

Two branches of Lashrefites broke away to live in the forests.

Philosophy and Religion

Lashrefites trust their fates to the goddess of luck. They take chances that other people wouldn’t. If they fail, they are eager to try again.

Lashrefites are a musical people. Among the nomadic bands, it is common practice to sing while traveling and play instruments every evening. They also like to tell stories of heroism and adventure.

Illustrations by VladimĂ­r Satran.