In the churning maelstrom of the Elemental Realms, entities are continually created and destroyed. Nothing has a fixed form and the idea of place is meaningless. Such was the nature of the entire knowable cosmos until this ceaseless swirl produced conscious beings with the will to perpetuate themselves.

The deities, demons, and primordials were created simultaneously from the separation and recombination of the elements. Each wields power over all nine elements, but each is especially strong in three.

When the deities and demons coalesced, good and evil were born. The deities wielded forces of Creation, while the demons attacked them with forces of Destruction. The two sides would have destroyed each other had the primordials not intervened.

The primordials were neither good nor evil. They sought to keep Creation and Destruction in balance. They combined their essences into a system of laws, creating the world as we know it. The primordials are sometimes known as the nine great nature spirits. Their laws are known as the Laws of Nature. These natural laws represent an additional order that the primordials impose upon the metaphysical laws of the Elemental Realms.

In creating the world, the primordials ceased to exist as nine beings. They became one. None can exert power individually. For as long as the world exists, the primordials must work in concert according to the rules they have set down.

The deities and demons remain free to act, but they are separated from each other. Thus, the world is sometimes likened to a wall between good and evil. The wall keeps the demons from attacking the deities. The deities are restrained by their desire to preserve the world.

Each deity has his or her own realm, called a heaven. Each demon has his or her own hell. These are special enclaves within the Elemental Realms where a single being holds absolute power.

But no being holds power over the world. The demons seek to destroy it. The deities seek to preserve it. The laws of nature simply are. The primordials cannot be said to have power over the world because they gave up all power to call it into being. If they assert any power, the world will cease to exist. Thus are the primordials bound by the laws they created.