Also known as: Lith
Primary elements: Earth, Motion, Emotion
People: Klindrel, Mogadrel, Urodrel, Sharadrel, etc.
Defeats: Corruption
Vulnerable to: Rage
In a triad with: Woshi and Mamosi

Kashram is usually described as the god of battle. He exemplifies the way of the warrior. He is the most male of the gods.

Kashram also has some vague metaphysical connection to the lith, the third heavenly body in the sky. The position of the lith influences how much power Kashram exerts in the world.

Kashram expects people to be brave, to fight for what they believe in, to live and die honorably, and to accept death. Of all the deities, he is the most directly concerned with fighting the demons. Kashram expects all people to fight, but he does not expect all people to physically take up arms and train for battle. He acknowledges that many skills must be used in combination if the war is to be won. Kashram may be considered a god of teamwork, although it is a hierarchical teamwork.

Kashram despises cowardice and treachery. Lies and trickery are sometimes permissible, however, as long as they do not constitute a betrayal of trust.