Also known as: Beauty
Primary elements: Air, Light, Emotion
People: Children of Beauty
Defeats: Cruelty
Vulnerable to: Vanity
In a triad with: Thafarsi and Zharnov

The Goddess of Beauty is concerned with art, creativity, expression, and passion. She’s not really a “goddess of love” but romantic expression is beautiful to her.
Beauty emphasizes the visual arts. In poetry and music, she has some overlap with Lashrefi, but Lashrefi is more focused on oral traditions and group singing, while Beauty focuses on the creation of poetry and the quality of individual performance.

Creation is sacred to Beauty and anything created becomes sacred. Theft is a sin because it tends to destroy the link between the creator and the created object. People are expected to know who made their furniture and tableware. Beauty values crafting, but not manufacturing.

Though Beauty is the least practical of the deities, she serves the vital function of being a check on Justice’s judgment. Ultimately, the question of right and wrong is an aesthetic question, and Beauty has persuaded Justice that if a punishment is ugly, it is most likely wrong. Thus, Beauty is also the goddess of forgiveness and mercy.