Also known as: Knowledge
Primary elements: Earth, Heat, Thought
People: Children of Knowledge
Defeats: Vanity
Vulnerable to: Deception
In a triad with: Zharnov and Swalethi

The Goddess of Knowledge is concerned with truth, learning, and scholarship, but also with secrecy. She wants knowledge to be used for good, and she understands that people must occasionally go to great lengths to keep knowledge from those who would misuse it.

Knowledge expects her people to spend 27 years studying, 27 years researching and gaining practical experience, and 27 years passing the knowledge on to others. Learning and teaching are both serious responsibilities.

In general, Knowledge does not see lying as a sin, especially not when lying is necessary to keep a secret. She frowns on those who shirk their duty to learn and pass knowledge on. Destruction of harmful knowledge is sometimes necessary, but mistreatment of a book for any reason other than preventing evil is an egregious sin, especially if the author is no longer alive to pass that knowledge on in person.

Knowledge is the wisest of the deities. The major weakness in her wisdom is that she sometimes expects people to behave logically.

Knowledge invented the language spoken by the Children of Knowledge, Justice, Beauty, and Sun.