Also known as: Wealth
Primary elements: Earth, Light, Life
People: Clanfolk
Defeats: Bad Luck
Vulnerable to: Greed
In a triad with: Devlen and Lashrefi

Yolim is the god of wealth and commerce, but it would be a mistake to think that Yolim is about money. Yolim taught his people that wealth is like a stool with three legs – health, land, and stock. Thus Yolim is about caring for the assets that enable people to produce food from the earth. Money is just a means of accounting for debts.

More than any other deity, Yolim encourages interaction among the peoples. Yolim values good stewardship, fair dealing, and honest representation of value. Yolim despises swindlers and frowns on gamblers. (However, a wager on whose ox is stronger or who can grow the taller sunflower will be excused. It’s not gambling if you’re sure you can win.)