The Klindrel Invasion

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Ganadarm and Dusi wait behind a tree.

The peaceful scholars of the Redwood Valley are being invaded by an army of soldiers twice their size. Their only defense is a small company of road patrollers.

Lieutenant Sabu doesn’t know how his patrollers can stop an army, but he knows they must try. He has help from Ganadarm, a boistrous “giant” who has fought the Klindrel many a time.

He also has Dusi, a rookie mind finder. She may be keeping secrets from her lieutenant; he may be falling in love with her.

The Klindrel Invasion is the third Edgewhen adventure. You will meet steel-hearted soldiers, brave guerrilla resistance fighters, enigmatic nature spirits, and inner demons that may be literal. Each book in the series is a stand-alone adventure story. If you are looking for ambushes, combat, and camaraderie, you can start reading the series right here.

The Klindrel Invasion
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The Klindrel Invasion
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